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It used to be you had to have millions of dollars and a staff of a hundred to enjoy eTools we have available for free today.

Every business needs to have and use eTools to keep up and not fall behind in achieving their business goals.

This may seem self evident but there are organizations who either use eTools piecemeal or ineffectively and miss out on some important ones that can give their efforts a big boost.

The eTools I am speaking of are the following:

email: this lets you communicate by time shifting when you say something and when the receiving party reads it.

Email is important since it allows you to coordinate with your internal staff and groups as well as prospect for and reply to new clients your business deals with.

voice mail: this lets you do the same thing as email but with your voice messages.

Voice mail is important since you can hear, and the person you are calling can hear, nuances that don’t make it through in written communication.

video recordings: this lets your group and your clients see the information you are trying to convey (a picture is worth a thousand spoken and written words).

Video recordings can give depth to the information you are providing as well as allow the viewer to watch what is being done as well as listen to what is said as many times as needed to get the full meaning from the recording.

Blog or website: this lets you organize a group of related or unrelated information in a way that the view can use to explore the information being presented at their own pace and make their own connections.

Blogs or websites can let you link unlike information and illustrate how they are really more closely connected than can be seen at first glance.

All of these eTools can be obtained for free, or for just a few dollars, or for large sums of money.

That is the beauty of eTools, a business can be just one person or a group of geographicaly dispersed talent that can still operate as if they are sitting accross the table instead of accross the world.

Look for the eTools that can best serve your business goals, they are all there waiting to serve you.

Hope you find this postĀ useful in your ministry.

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